Cracking the Lottery Code

Is There a Formula for Winning the Lottery?

The answer to that question has an amazing story behind it. Richard Lustig, a 7 times lottery jackpot winner says that it’s all about stacking the odds in your favor and limiting the odds of the official state lottery’s favor.

The lottery is seemingly random on the surface, just a bunch of floating balls being sucked up in a tube, right? Then how can there possibly be a system to it?

If you’re familiar with the odds of winning a lottery jackpot prize, it comes as no surprise to you that the odds of doing so more than once is pretty incredible, especially if it’s all a matter of luck.

Any somewhat intelligent human being will quickly dismiss winning 7 lottery jackpot prizes as being a matter of luck. I mean, come on, what are the odds of that?

How Could a Formula for Winning the Lottery Even be Possible?

The universe, seen from a mathematical point of view, is full of brilliant patterns. Those patterns go completely undetected by most of us. However, brilliant minds such as Albert Einstein’s have calculated formulas for many of those patterns, bringing logic and reason to that which seems chaotic.

So the seemingly randomness of the universe actually has all sorts of mathematical patterns to it. Would it not make sense that there’s a logical pattern to lottery drawings since it too is based on a numerical system?

Like you, I probably wouldn’t believe there was if there wasn’t someone who won 7 lottery jackpots based on a system.

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So How Did he Come Up With His Formula?

But much like Einstein, Richard Lustig took a systematic approach to it. Admittedly, creating a formula for winning the lottery required a lot of hard work, testing, tracking, and tweaking. Not all of Richard’s mathematical ideas in creating this formula panned out.

Yet in spite of his failures, he kept at it. He had such a tremendous faith in the logical order of numbers that he probably would have kept at it even if he continued to lose.

It was his first two big wins though that proved to him that his logic was sound though. As a result of using his formula to win the lottery, he knew that continuing his efforts would not be in vain.

Why Isn’t Your Strategy Working?

In Richard’s over 20 years of developing his formula for winning the lottery, he said that the number one reason people don’t win has to do with discipline.

Very few lottery players play with discipline. In fact, they almost always have zero strategy going into it. If you want your odds of winning to go up you can’t just do what everyone else does.

Do you really think that quick pic draws (letting the lottery machine pick your numbers) are going to increase your odds of winning? Talk about relying on luck. According to Richard, that’s the worst thing you could do.

If you’re one of those players that selects the same numbers every time, pat yourself on the back because at least you’ve increased your odds slightly, obviously not enough to win the lottery of course or you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

Are You Ready to Play in a Disciplined Way?

Most people aren’t even willing to admit that there could even be a formula for winning the lottery, let alone be disciplined enough to apply it every time they play.

In fact, most people probably haven’t even read this far. They were probably just looking for a quick shortcut to try out and see if it worked. When it didn’t pan out right away (which it probably wouldn’t have), they would probably give up right away.

Intelligent people though, like Albert Einstein, recognize that if you want to succeed at something, it’s best to study the experts in their field. Richard Lustig didn’t have the benefit of being able to study the work of experts with such a track record but you do.

Lottery Winner University

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The Least Logical Way to Play

Stop throwing your money away. If you want different results, stop doing the same thing over and over again. If you ignored everything in this article thus far, at least take heed that advice.

Remember, when you play the way most everyone else does, you’ll probably get the result most people get and most people don’t win.

While signing up to the Lottery Winner University in no way guarantees you’ll win, nothing will, it will ensure you won’t be playing like all the other losers that use a strategy based on guesswork that never worked or worse yet, luck.

This kind of brings about a whole new meaning to the phrase, please play responsibly.

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