Is There a Strategy You Can Use to Win the Lottery?

Richard Lustig believed there could be so he made it his mission in life to create a strategy to win the lottery. Was he successful? You bet he was. He won 7 lottery jackpots using his system!

Of course, when you do something that amazing producers want you on their T.V. shows to boost ratings and he did several of them, the most impressive being, Good Morning America and 20/20.

So how did he do it? He approached it much like a scientist or mathematician would, systematically. Instead of trying to come up with an algorithm to give him exact numbers, he focused on the odds.

But the odds of winning the lottery are ridiculous, right? So how did he manage to beat those odds 7 times? Well he focused his strategy to win the lottery on increasing his odds of winning and decreasing his odds of losing.

This wasn’t an overnight success story though. He tried all sorts of methods and many of them failed. But hard work, testing, tracking, and tweaking began paying off when he got his first two lottery jackpot prizes.

That was all the inspiration he needed to spend 20 years perfecting his strategy to win the lottery. He continued being disciplined in his pursuit by testing, tweaking, and tracking the whole time.

How Can You Benefit From Richard’s Experience?

This discipline that Richard applied to his strategy to win the lottery and how he played every time he won is what he believed was the most important factor in what others can do to win the lottery.

Most people aren’t strategic at all when they play. Getting a quick pic ticket is the way people who don’t believe they can win play. Selecting a bunch of different kinds of scratch-off tickets is fun because of the variety but that’s the worst way to play scratchers when you consider odds.

Because there have to be a certain number of winners per pack, it’s best to play all of the same kind of scratchers. This increase of odds accounts for one of Richard’s lottery jackpot prizes.

Want to Learn More Secrets About and Strategies for the Lottery?

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Discipline? I Just Want to Win!

Selecting only one type of scratcher when we play may be an easy change for most of us but what about those of us who are a bit lazy in the way we play?

If you’re a bit like me, you want to use numbers from a proven strategy to win the lottery, not understand or improve upon one.

Well, Richard knew that not everyone was as passionate about lottery odds as he was but his fame brought about a demand for numbers selected using his system.

Having won enough money to live his dream life, he felt it was important to make numbers selected by his system available to others.

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A Little Perspective

Please keep in mind any strategy to win the lottery does not guarantee you will win. Using Richard Lustig’s strategy to win the lottery is no exception to that.

Being responsible when you play isn’t just about not spending more on the lottery than you can afford, it’s also about not just throwing your money away. Be smart when you play.

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