Online Therapy

Move Over Online Courses, Now There’s Online Therapy.

Are you struggling to achieve the happiness that it seems most people already have? Maybe you’re even just hoping for mild contentment at this point. Well, it turns out, you’re not alone.

In fact, every day more Americans are realizing the benefits of investing in their well being and more specifically, their mental well being.

Our Persona Precedes Us

It seems we’ve created an online image of ourselves with the help of selfies and memes that make it seem that our lives are as they are when we’re smiling for selfies and laughing at memes.

This can make you feel like if you wanted to share something more real about your life such as the negative thoughts, feelings, or opinions, you have that you would be judged or worse yet, pitied.

And this fear even applies to your family and friends because they too, get most of your updates from social media and you don’t want them to worry or feel bad for you.

Eventually though, if left unanswered, these negative feelings begin to haunt you and you feel a little helpless because you have no one to get real with.

So What Can You Do?

You don’t really need to lie back in a comfy chair and drone on about your childhood to someone who repeats, “and how does that make you feel” over and over again.

You just need to get a plan and get real with a licensed therapist for a while, someone who listens and understands how to walk you through the tough stuff.

And Just Like That, Online Therapy Was Born.

Online therapy is the very modern solution to this very modern problem.

It has all the benefits of traditional therapy and more while allowing you the opportunity to have access to it at an instant.

Instant access to your therapist allows you to feel connected in between sessions when you’re in the midst of heavy feelings.

In fact, gives you even more. They have a whole therapy toolbox you can have access to that includes:

  • YOGA

Having access to these tools and following a plan of action allows you to be able to do a lot of the legwork yourself which makes your actual therapy sessions far more productive.

Not only that, but also saves you money over traditional therapy which could take years and cost thousands of dollars.

So is not only better it cost less!

To Learn More About How You Can Start Online Therapy Today, Click Here!

Helping Others in Other Ways

But one of the reasons I think in particular is so cool is that they have a free plan for those who simply can’t afford to invest anything in their mental health.

With their, “free plan”, you don’t get access to a therapist, of course, but you still get access to the worksheets, the yoga and meditation videos, journal, activity plan, and tests.

Sometimes people less fortunate than others need a helping hand and helping others out is what therapy is all about, right?

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